About Us

Our mission is to provide Osteopathic students, residents and practitioners the best, most comprehensive and up-to-date Osteopathic Manipulation Medicine – OMT online test preparation. OMMtests.com; the first online board-test prep site, that focuses EXCLUSIVELY on OMM and OMT, helping you pass the Osteopathic Certifying Boards and COMLEX.

We provide a positive learning experience to prepare for your examination. Our goal is the same as yours: to see you pass your Osteopathic Board Certification Examination the FIRST TIME. We welcome you to OMMtests.com and look forward to your future within the Osteopathic profession.

OMMtests.com is a collaborative effort of several people, including:

Richard A. Feely, DO, FAAO, FCA, FAAMA

Polly E. Leonard, DO, MS, FNAOME